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graduate students

Keiran Pattullo-Graf
Keiran is currently pursing an M.A. in the philosophy of science with an emphasis on environmental issues. Debates within the agricultural industry over the legitimacy and importance of organic farming provide an insightful case study for investigating the interaction between science and policy. Keiran is critically examining the ways that opposing stakeholders in this debate appeal to ecological science to support their respective positions.

Tyler Elliott
Tyler is interested in everything to do with transposable elements. His PhD project investigates, among other things, the concept of an individual as it applies to these "jumping genes." Tyler is involved in the Genome Ecology Research Group and is also involved in the project on function concepts in genomics.

Jamie Robertson (graduated)
Jamie is interested in a broad range of issues in environmental ethics and economics. Her Masters thesis, "A Case for Decision-Maker Based Justification of Environmental Policy," critically evaluates both David Pearce's defense of cost benefit analysis as well as Mark Sagoff's opposition to this framework.  After completing her MA under my supervision in 2011, Jamie has recently accepted the position of Coordinator of the Ethics Centre at the University of Sudbury.

Jordan Bartol (graduated)
Jordan is interested in philosophical issues in genomics, especially as they pertain to larger issues surrounding causation and explanation in the philosophy of science.  His MA thesis undertook a detailed critique of the field of personalized genomics. Jordan completed his MA under my supervision in 2011, and went on to accept a prestigious PhD scholarship at the University of Leeds. We continue to collaborate on a project that is reinterpreting Damasio's somatic marker hypothesis.