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Course materials

Nestle related

"City bans film screening after complaint from Nestle waters"  Guelph Mercury

More on the film ban: "Robyn vs. Golliath"

"Bottle ban about politics..."  article by J. Challinor in Niagra Weekly

Council of Canadians blog post  "Challenging Nestle in Switzerland"

How does Nestle's H2O consumption compare with other major users?
Here is some info on Wellington water permits.

Report on carbon footprint of bottled water - courtesy J Challinor

Here is another report with different findings - University of Siena

Hanlon Creek Business Park related

Protesters stop work on Hanlon Creek Business Park - Digital Journal

Standoff at Hanlon Park drags on... - The Cannon.ca

Video of the Hanlon Creek occupation - Youtube

Hanlon Creek Protest press conference Part 1 - Youtube

Hanlon Creek Protest press conference Part 2 - Youtube

Protestors win small victory at Hanlon Creek BP - Linchpin.ca

Both sides claim victory in Hanlon creek BP - The Cannon.ca

Study finds no risk to salamanders at HCBP

Letter by Mayor Karen Farbridge justifying the Hanlon Creek BP

City drops lawsuit aganst protestors - Guelph Mercury

Interesting reflection by HCBP protestor, one year later

City of Guelph's official information website on the HCPB

List of Myths and Facts about HCBP - according to city of Guelph

Guelph field naturalists speak  out about the HCBP

for HCBP - Wellngton Water Watchers

Files provided by Matt Soltys - environmentalist  involved in Hanlon Creek protests:  

Guelph Mercury articles  describing archaeological findings at Hanlon Creek (2008)

Various articles describing  conern over the HCBP development, leading up to the protest. 
(Jan.- July, 2009)

Newspaper articles decribing public conerns over the HCBP development (Jan.- July, 2009)

Articles documenting protests at Hanlon Creek (including "hipsters just don't understand)
(July- Aug. 2009)

Personal accounts from the protests (July- Aug 2009)

'Zine' produced by HCBP protesters, copy of the termns of the court injunction allowing protesters to stay, and various articles on the legal proceedings (Aug 2009)

Various articles on legal proceedings (Aug 2009) and the official legal ruling to conduct an environmental assessment into presence of Jefferson's salamander

Articles documenting continued development at HC despite legal ruling, accusations of stolen monitoring equipment, etc.  (Sept. 2009)

Various articles desxcribing modifications to the development plan and the Mayor's intimidation case against protestors (Sept.- Oct. 2009)

Articles documenting protestor reactions as development proceeds (Oct.- Nov. 2009)

Articles outlining the City of Guelph's legal case against protestors (Dec 2009- Jan 2010)