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March 15-18, 2021. Conference:
Digital Studies of Digital Science

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Presentation: The rise of epigenetics and the neglect of transposon dynamics across disciplines.  

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Stefan Linquist & Brady Fullerton

Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium


April 17-20, 2019
. B
ook Symposium:

Defending Biodiversity: Environmental Science and Ethics.

Authors meet critics session at the Pacific Division meeting of the American Philosophical Association, in Vancouver. This is  part of the  Affiliated Group Program for the International Society for Environmental Ethics.

Authors:  Stefan Linquist (University of Guelph), Jonathan Newman (University of Guelph),Gary Varner (Texas A&M University).

Critics:  Roberta L. Millstein (University of California, Davis, Jay Odenbaugh (Lewis & Clark   College), Jennifer Welchman (University of Alberta).


October 20 & 21. 2018. Workshop:

Evolutionary Roles of Transposable Elements and Non-coding DNA: The Science and the Philosophy.

Dalhousie University


Organizers: Ford Doolittle and Stefan Linquist.


October 13 & 14, 2018. Conference:

The Guelph Conference in Environmental Philosophy

42 Carden St. Downtown Guelph.




Organizers: Stefan Linquist, Brady Fullerton, Cameron Fioret.