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Welcome to the biophilosophy website.
I am a philosopher of science based at the University of Guelph. Here you will find information about my research, teaching and other interests. 

Stefan Linquist's  CV

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Forthcoming article  with Brady Fullerton

Transposon dynamics and the epigenetic switch hypothesis

Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics (2021)

You can watch a recorded presentation of the article from the 2021 conference, Digital Studies of Digital Science.

Recent collaboration with Genome-Level Ecology Research Group.

Transposable element persistence via potential genome-level ecosystem engineering

BMC Genomics (2020)
Recent articles

Precis of Defending Biodiversity

Two (and a half) arguments for conserving biodiversity on aesthetic grounds

Biology & Philosophy (2020)
Cover of defending
                                                biodiversity book

Cambridge University Press (2017)


Speaking with Kelly Jones (then of CFRU Radio) about fish farms, First Nations, and field philosophy.


Critiquing trends in design for public aquariums:

Today's awe-inspiring design, tomorrow's Plexiglas dinosaur

The Ark and Beyond: The Evolution of Zoo and Aquarium Conservation. University of Chicago Press (2018)

Me and Peter Godfrey-Smith on Discovery Channel talking about octopus behaviour